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Mom Made Us Write This Series

As a Mom of two kids close in age, I have always been fascinated by their relationship. There are days that they get along like the best of friends, making up games, laughing, whispering and having a so much fun together. There are also days where every action or word of one sibling seems to infuriate the other.  And there are those in-between days, where they simply co-exist, living in the same house, but doing their own thing, completely independent of on another. There is something so unique about the relationship between siblings.  

My children and their interactions were the inspiration for writing my book series, Mom Made Us Write This. As a family, we spent many, many hours in the bookstore or library, scouring for good books. We were always searching for books for my children to read independently as well as books to read together as a family. Eventually, I started writing short stories on my own for my kids to read.

Maggie and Max, the 10-year-old twins in the Mom Made Us Write This series, are loosely based on my own children, Maddie and Matt. I started writing stories for my family about fictional siblings, Maggie and Max, doing the day-to-day activities that my kids did. In my stories, Maggie and Max were constantly experiencing the same events, like going to the zoo, from very different perspectives. One day Maggie and Max would along so well, then struggle to understand each other the next. I wrote the stories to share with my family to make them laugh, but also to illustrate to my children how two people can have very different perspectives of the same event.

Eventually, my collection of stories became a book, the first in the book in the series entitled Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer.

I am so excited about the book, because it is a wonderful read for families. Sometimes it is a challenge for everyone in a family to get along, and that’s ok. It’s important for children to know that you can love someone and still disagree sometimes. As long as you love and respect each other, you can resolve any disagreement. Journaling is a wonderful way for siblings to share their feelings, to explain their point of view, and to resolve conflicts. I hope that reading Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer encourages families to start journaling at home. Sharing a journal with a family member or friend is an amazing way to learn more about each other, plus it fun way to encourage writing in an entertaining, unique format.

I hope that your readers enjoy he-said, she-said journal of Maggie and Max in Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer. Available on Amazon or ask at your local bookstore.

If you have a funny, family story, share it with me at [email protected]. Your family adventure could make it into a book someday!

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Mom Made Us Write This During School – Coming November 2015

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