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Mom Made Us Write This


Two Kids One Journal?

When Mom comes up with a plan for a summer journal, 10 year old twins, Max and Maggie Pruitt cannot believe it! Worse yet, they have to SHARE! The hilarious back and forth comments of the kids highlight the joys and challenges of siblings. Anyone with a brother or sister will identify with the fun and struggles that Max and Maggie experience this summer!

AWARDS-Mom’s Choice GOLD
International Book Awards GOLD
ISBN 978-0-9893755-0-4

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Mom Made Us Write This


A hilarious question and answer book for families!

When Mom challenges Maggie and Max to come up with something to do during a long car trip, the twins get quizzically creative! Maggie and Max design a quiz book for grown-ups – a new kind of journal filled with funny, random questions to ask family members.

Complete with check boxes, blanks to fill in, and space to sketch or write, the Family Quiz Book is a great way for kids to learn what grown-ups think about , well, just about everything!

AWARDS-Mom’s Choice GOLD
ISBN 978-0-9893755-1-1

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Mom Made Us Write This


Find a journal partner and work together!

When Mom comes home with a blank journal, she challenges the twins to create a fun book that their friends would enjoy. The result is a fun, 100-page journal-writing competition!

Max and Maggie’s 100-page challenge gives kids a goal – find a journal partner and work together to fill 100 pages with fabulous writing. This journal is the perfect place for siblings, friends, or family members to share a journal, and express their most private (or silly) thoughts about life. It comes complete with instructions on journal sharing from Maggie and Max.

AWARDS-Mom’s Choice GOLD
ISBN 978-0-9893755-4-2

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Mom Made Us Write This


Mom Made Us Write This During School

Coming late 2015.

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