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Scavenger Hunt

Maggie and Max love games, and so they created one for you!

Find all four coins hidden throughout the site. Just click on a coin to retrieve it. There is one of Maggie, one of Max, one of a Sling Shot, and one of a Frog.

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Mom Made Us Write This Series

As a Mom of two kids close in age, I have always been fascinated by their relationship. There are days that they get along like the best of friends, making up games, laughing, whispering and having a so much fun together. There are also days where every action or word of one sibling seems to infuriate the other.  And there are those in-between days, where they simply co-exist, living in the same house, but doing their own thing, completely independent of on another. There is something so unique about the relationship between siblings.  

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Reviews of Mom Made Us Write This

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